We are pleased to have the following invited speakers 

Functional Materials

Future Devices and Technologies

Associate Professor Adam Micolich - University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Associate Professor Ethan Minot - Oregon State University, Corvallis USA

Dr Sumeet Walia - RMIT University, Melbourne Australia

Associate Professor Lan Wang - RMIT University, Melbourne Australia

Material Synthesis and Characterisation

Materials and Devices for Energy Sustainability

Materials and Technologies for Biological Applications

Associate Professor Alexander Zelikin - Aarhus University, Aarhus,Denmark

Dr Laura Domigan - The University of Auckland, Auckland New Zealand 

Professor Silvia Giordani - Dublin City University, Dublin Ireland

Quantum Technologies

Associate Professor Jevon Longdell - University of Otago, Dunedin New Zealand

Associate Professor James Analytis - University of California Berkeley, California USA

Soft Matter

Theory and Modelling of Materials and Devices

Dr Gianluca Rastelli - University of Konstanz, Konstanz Germany

Dr Oleg Tretiakov - University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

Elke Pahl - Massey University, Auckland

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