An invitation to hear Dan Nocera, Nanogirl and Cather Simpson, and see Dancing with Atoms

The MacDiarmid Institute invites you to make a prior seat reservation for these special events we are putting on in association with our AMN9 conference at Te Papa:  there are two public talks, featuring outstanding scientists and speakers, Professor Dan Nocera, Professor Cather Simpson, and Dr Michelle Dickinson (aka Nanogirl), as well as a special one-off screening of the documentary about Sir Paul Callaghan, Dancing with Atoms.

All three events will be held at Soundings Theatre, Te Papa, Wellington.  Please register using the links below.


Professor Cather Simpson and Dr Michelle Dickinson combine their talents to present: SCIENCE IS EVERYWHERE

11am Sunday 10 February 2019, Soundings Theatre, Te Papa

When cooking, crafting, playing, or even exploring, science is all around us. Join Dr Michelle Dickinson for an interactive presentation as she proves science doesn't just happen in a classroom or laboratory but can be found everywhere and is for everyone

Professor Cather Simpson is a master of photonics - the creation, control and use of light - the technology of the 21st century. In the Photon Factory at the University of Auckland, she and her team are harnessing the power of light to improve everything from New Zealand’s dairy productivity to skin cancer diagnosis. Lasers, Milk and Sperm - making light work!



Professor Dan Nocera, renowned world energy expert, researcher and communicator, presents TRANSITIONING TO A SOLAR-BASED SOCIETY FOR ALL 

7.30pm Monday 11 February 2019, Soundings Theatre, Te Papa

Professor Dan Nocera is a pioneer in the generation of solar fuels.  He invented the Artificial Leaf which harnesses solar power to split water molecules and make hydrogen fuel.  He subsequently co-created the Bionic Leaf. He is on the MacDiarmid Institute science board and regularly advises governments and industry on developments in the energy sector.



Special documentary screening of DANCING WITH ATOMS

7.30pm Tuesday 12 February 2019, Soundings Theatre, Te Papa

In November 2008, Sir Paul Callaghan awoke to find himself in hospital after radical bowel surgery. Thus began a different trajectory in the life of one of New Zealand’s most exceptional scientists and public figures.  In the time left, he redoubled his efforts to make New Zealand ‘A place where talent wants to live’ and issued a last challenge to New Zealanders to make the mainland predator-free. Dancing with Atoms was made by renowned NZ film-maker Shirley Horrocks and featured in the 2018 NZ International Film Festival.



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