Tuatara Brewery

Tuatara Brewing Co started out as a farm shed operation on the Kapiti Coast 17 years ago making traditional styles, the German lagers, Czech pilsners but made locally, so people were getting them fresh rather than stale imported beers. After a few years we decided to use more kiwi grown hops and barley which led to taste and aroma profiles that are quite different to beers made from international ingredients. Now our beers have evolved from Kiwi twists on traditional styles to almost unique styles in their own right. Winning NZ’s Champion Brewery 2017 award shows we must be doing something right! As one of NZ’s largest craft breweries, we are in the fortunate position of having a pilot brewery (The Third Eye tap room) in Wellington to toil away with weird, interesting and sometimes challenging brews and also the Paraparaumu brewery to get our big brews out to the Kiwi public and beyond.

Fortune Favours Beer

New Brew Pub in the heart of Wellington CBD/Te Aro. Born from a true passion for all things Beer Shannon Thorpe made the plunge to open a brewery with Wellington Hospitality Veterans and persuaded award winning brewer Dale Cooper to leave his day job and head the team to make fresh, fun and innovative beers.

Garage Project

Garage because it started in a garage, but it’s more than that. It’s also about approaching things with a garage mentality. It’s about playing around, making do and thinking outside the box. The surroundings might be basic but this is no barrier to creativity. This is bière de garage – beer from the garage.And why Project – because it’s ongoing, it’s a work in progress and we plan to keep it that way. We don’t plan to come out with a fixed portfolio of beers – this is about experimenting, pushing boundaries, blurring the boundaries between styles - seeing what works!


Boneface Brewing Company

Upper Hutt’s newest brewery with a tap room and kitchen. Find us at 27 Blenheim Street, Upper Hutt.

Whistling Sisters Beer Co

We're looking for a subtle flavour palate where yeast balances out a lightly hopped flavour profile. We're excited about where we are heading under head brewer Dale Gould's delicate touch and adventurous spirit.

All our beers are brewed in our Ghuznee Street brewery, which is the best that we could build. The brewery was hand made in Nelson by Kiwi guru of brewery stainless steel Chris Little and contains the most modern technology to help us remove chance from our quest for the ageless perfection of a beautifully brewed beer.

Lord Almighty

“Some say Lord Almighty is as tall as four men and once chopped a mountain down with the edge of his hand. All we know is that he has searched every inch of the Earth, convincing it to share its secrets with him.

Armed with these secrets, and a giant handful of rare ingredients, Lord Almighty brews beer so mighty it can quench a thirst for adventure. Drink it in.”

Panhead Custom Ales

Panhead is New Zealand's very own craft brewing monster truck rally, putting the frighteners on anyone who thinks beer should mind its own business and cower behind the wine rack. Launched in 2013 out of the old Dunlop tyre factory in darkest Maidstone, we were embraced enthusiastically from the get go by Wellington's beer cognoscenti of beardy app developers, design grads and contractors from the Ministry of Social Development.

Starting with four stock beers of spot-hitting quality and consistency it wasn't long before we were turning out hopped-up, weirded-out specials every other week just to sate the demand of a public who wanted their tastebuds destroyed with every pint.

With a formidable reputation earned first as a home brewer and then commercially, Chief Beer Engineer Mike Neilson employs a resourcefulness honed building hotrods to strip back, rebuild and pimp out a beer anyway he sees fit. The country's finest brew crew is there to make it happen and maintain Panhead's legendary reputation for quality and consistency.

Te Aro Brewing Company

A micro brewery that's made the journey from home brewing to supplying home brewing equipment to brewing on a larger scale. Soon to be moving from the CBD to be your new Upper Hutt brewing local.

Duncan's Brewing

Duncan’s is a community of like-minded people who appreciate great tasting beer. We like to take a modern twist on classic flavours which nod to the past and future. Established in 2014 and based in Kāpiti, we are a growing and family-owned brewing company. The agerly awaited opening of Duncan’s Brewery has happened and we are very excited to have a permanent home to produce our amazing beers from.


Tinker Tailor Brewing Ltd

Tinker Tailor is craft beer with a split personality. Our beers range from classic, rather refined, utterly perfect, hand-crafted brews - that's our Tailor side! To more innovative, quirky Tinker beers, that are little bit experimental, a little bit mischievous.

The clash of our two personalities creates an unforgettable and captivating conversation.

Martinborough Brewery

A boutique brewery and tasting room located in the heart of Martinborough, a village renowned for wine.

The ethos at Martinborough Brewery is to produce premium hand crafted beer, using natural ingredients, blended together by people who are passionate about their craft, product and region. The brewery is "micro" in size, producing 1200L batches of beer. Production is a labour of love and hands on process, from the grinding of malts to the application of caps and labels.


North End Brewery Ltd

North End is a small brewery on the Kapiti Coast formed by a brewer, a waiter and a chef. We brew aromatic, food friendly beers that are as at home on the dinner table as they are at the beach, the bach or the bar.

Baylands Brewery

Baylands Brewery was born in a garage on Baylands Drive in Newlands.  In 2014 we’d outgrown the garage and made the move to Petone in 2014. We love producing a wide range of beer styles and supplying high quality ingredients to home-brewers across NZ.


Fork Brewing

Fork Brewing is the beer making arm of the Fork & Brewer Brewpub. Tucked away upstairs on an unassuming side street in Wellington's CBD, we produce a huge and eclectic range which spans from Mild to Wild.


Parrot Dog

ParrotDog - Lyall Bay, Wellington

We love good beer. We loved drinking it before we ever started brewing it and our recipes are written by working backwards from what we'd like in our glass. A lot has changed in our six years, but that hasn't. Our range is a gradually expanding and diverse cast of characters, like us. Out here in our new home on the outskirts of Wellington, we're happy to be making it. Nice.

Bassline Brewing Ltd

Just like that time a homeless man screamed "You're in the jungle, baby!" at Axl Rose, sometimes a chance encounter can tap you into a new zone of creative inspiration. Such was the case for musos-turned-brewers Abe and Jase from Bassline Brewing.

Crooked Cider

Crooked Cider makes award winning premium nz apple ciders.  we have a selection of flavours including apple, blackcurrant, and real root ginger.

Black Dog Brew Co

Black Dog is here to create interesting alternatives to the beers already on the market.  We are a place where you can experience something special in a working brewery in the heart of Wellington.  Our mission is to always be interesting and intrepid, always act independent and stay in tune with what the beer drinker wants.  We know they are looking for something a little different, something unique and we are here to fulfil that need.

Kereru Brewing Company

Kereru Brewing Co. brews British and European style craft beers made with the finest New Zealand-grown ingredients available, including Gladfield malts, Nelson hops, and many more ingredients that celebrate the marvellous qualities and flavours which are part of our local landscape.

Matahiwi Estate Winery

Matahiwi Estate is a family owned winery with a dedicated team working to deliver our distinctive style in each bottle. Our goal is to enhance the pure natural flavours from the fruit and honour the vineyard. We love to see our history and effort shine through into the glass. We produce Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and a bubbly range! Sustainable WineNZ accredited.

Double Vision Brewing Company

Double Vision Brewing Company is a local Wellington startup. We are four designers that were brought together by brewing and a dream of sharing our efforts with the craft beer community. We enjoy exploring a range of flavours that are unique, fun for everyone and have lots of character. We hope to share our adventures with you. Cheers!

KOAST Limoncello

We are a family business and handcraft our Liqueurs on the Kapiti Coast.

The Limoncello, Cream Limoncello and Orangecello are 100% Natural, free of Preservatives, Additives and Colours.

The oil from the zest of the fruit provides all the colour and taste. Traditionally Limoncello is enjoyed as a liqueur after a meal, but it is the perfect base for many cocktails.

We will be offering 3 cocktails at BREWDAY

Limoncello and Gingerbeer, garnished with fresh mint and lemon slices

Cream Limoncello and Pineapple juice, garnished with fresh pineapple.

Orangecello and Lemonade, garnished with fresh orange slices.

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