Thanks for attending BrewDay 2017, what an awesome day.  Watch this space for details on 2018.

Double Vision Brewing Company

Double Vision Brewing Company is a local Wellington startup. We are four designers that were brought together by brewing and a dream of sharing our efforts with the craft beer community. We enjoy exploring a range of flavours that are unique, fun for everyone and have lots of character. We hope to share our adventures with you. Cheers! 
Descriptions for BrewDay:

Expatriate - APA (5.6% ABV)
The EXPATRIATE is an American Pale Ale leaving the homeland in exploration of something more. 

Red Rascal - Red IPA (6.3% ABV)
A rascal with fruity, gooseberry and citrus hop characteristics with a gentle red malt flavour to balance this cheeky character.

Castaway - Pacific Pale Ale (4.8% ABV)
Our adventure seeking Cast-Away packs a light malt base to support the swells of New Zealand hops. 

El Sanchez - Chilli Light Ale
(3.7% ABV)
Enter El Sanchez, a light ale infused with the heavyweight duo of Chilli and Lime. Habanero and Rocoto chillis offer some tropical fruit and citrus to the nose, coupled with a slight lime note and a hint of danger.

Baylands Brewery

Baylands Brewery was born in a garage on Baylands Drive in Newlands.  In 2014 we’d outgrown the garage and made the move to Petone in 2014. We love producing a wide range of beer styles and supplying high quality ingredients to home-brewers across NZ.

For Brewday 2017, we have some special treats for you:

450 XPA (4.5% ABV)
is a refreshing, summery extra pale ale

550 APA (5.5% ABV)
American hops are to the fore in the bold and punchy 550 APA

Woodrow's Veto IPA (7.0% ABV)
our original launch beer and flagship IPA

Candy Cane Cider (5.0% ABV)
a raspberry and mango cider dry-hopped with sweet candies  

Zythra Skullcracker double IPA  (8.5% ABV)
well-balanced and luscious hoppy goodness  

Van da Tsar Bourbon aged vanilla stout (10% ABV)
pure deliciousness that was rated number 2 on the 2016 Beervana app  

Black Dog Brew Co

Black Dog is here to create interesting alternatives to the beers already on the market.  We are a place where you can experience something special in a working brewery in the heart of Wellington.  Our mission is to always be interesting and intrepid, always act independent and stay in tune with what the beer drinker wants.  We know they are looking for something a little different, something unique and we are here to fulfil that need.

Beers for BrewDay:

Golden Lab – Golden Ale (Silver at BGNZ 2016, Silver at BGNZ 2014) (4.8% ABV)
Golden Lab is a Golden Ale, light gold in color, with a balanced aroma of mild hop and malt characteristics.  A staple in the family of Black Dog brews and the perfect companion on a hot day – lap it up!   

Chomp – NZ Pale Ale (Bronze at BGNZ 2016, Bronze at AIBA 2016, Silver at BGNZ 2015) (4.75% ABV)
Chomp is a malt-forward New Zealand Pale Ale balanced with soft bitterness and backed up with subtle Pacifica and Motueka hop flavour.  Beautifully balanced with hints of bitter orange and tropical fruit flavours, this is a truly session-able Pale Ale.  

Hair of the Dog – Breakfast IPA (Silver at AIBA 2015, Bronze at BGNZ 2015) (3.0% ABV)
Don’t be fooled by this breakfast ale’s light percentage, its packed full of hops! Using New Zealand Motueka, Chinook and Nelson Sauvin This mini IPA has a pine like aroma and a fresh green hopped flavor. A very sessionable ale at 3% ABV

Jack the Russell  – Xtra Pale Ale (4.2% ABV)
Jack the Russell is a session-able Pale Ale which punches well above its weight, drinking more like a full strength pale ale.  When you first lift the glass, you’ll be struck by an intense tropical/stone fruit aroma with a hint of malt sweetness.  The flavor is a delicate balance of fruity hop, sturdy malt and a soft lingering bitterness to finish.  Easy drinking, alive in the mouth and instantly refreshing – this beer will satisfy even the most hardened pale ale fan.  

Special Agent - IPA (Gold at BGNZ 2016, Silver at BGNZ 2015) (5.6% ABV) 
Sometimes we dream. Sometimes about suited dwarves and one-armed men. Sometimes about dual-hopped Cascade and Nelson Sauvin ales. Things are never as they seem, especially the owls. Solving murders, brewing beer, two sides of the same coin. Both need coffee and a smiling bag of hops. Damn that’s a fine hoppy beer…and cold!
This IPA is made with two of our favourite NZ hop varieties – Nelson Sauvin and Taheke.  The resulting beer is a crisp and refreshing IPA with a piney, resinous character and a hint of kerosene on the nose 

Bad, Bad Leroy – Brown Ale (Bronze at AIBA 2016, Bronze at BGNZ 2014) (6.0% ABV) 
For this unconventional Brown Ale, we took inspiration from our friends across the pond.   We made a beer that's fresh, hoppy, chocolaty and not too bitter. We piled heaps of US Cascade and Amarillo hops into this brew, so you’ll enjoy each level of satisfaction, all the way to the bottom of the glass. 

Duncan's Brewing

Duncan’s is a community of like-minded people who appreciate great tasting beer. We like to take a modern twist on classic flavours which nod to the past and future. Established in 2014 and based in Kāpiti, we are a growing and family-owned brewing company. We are eagerly awaiting the opening of Duncan’s Brewery in 2017. 

Pilsner (4.7% ABV)
A classic Czech Pils, but bolder. Smooth, dry and malty with floral notes of citrus and spice. For those who like their pilsner with a little more oomph.

Pale Ale (5.7% ABV)
Our flagship beer. A dry beer with plenty of citrus and caramel body.

Stout (5.6% ABV)
Silky smooth with notes of dark chocolate and burnt caramel.

Super Fluid XPA (4.7% ABV)
A new beer to the Duncan’s lineup. This XPA is loaded with Citra and Riwaka hops. Contrary to its low ABV, it can still pack a punch

Eddies Cider Co

Eddies Cider Co formed in 2016 with the aim of creating delicious ciders in the Capital City. At Brew Day 2016 we will be offering several of our own ciders along with some from our good friends at Adam and Eve.

Eddies Cider Co.
Apple Cider (5% ABV)
Our Apple Cider is crafted from a blend of Fuji, Braeburn and Granny Smith apples from the sun kissed apples of Marlborough. Smooth and easy drinking. Your perfect summer refresher.  

Apple & Manuka Cider (5% ABV)
Made from Delicious tree ripened Braeburns and blended with Pure Manuka Honey. Rich and full of texture. But we can’t take all the credit, the bees did all the real work. 

Apple & Feijoa Cider (5% ABV)
Made from a blend of delicious Braeburns and Zesty wild fermented Feijoa. This cider is for those after something with a bite. Your walk on the wild cider.  

Adam & Eve Cider  
Pear and Elderflower (5.5% ABV)
This cider was crafted from juicy Marlborough Pears and infused with a rich vibrant Elderflower Essence.

Apple Cider (5.9% ABV)
Our Apple Cider is a Dry-style cider made from nothing but 100% Marlborough Apple. No wonder Adam and eve took the apple, we think you will too. 

Methode Traditional
Our Champagne style cider is really something special, Full bodied and full of texture, something a bit luxurious for those with an acquired taste.

Fork Brewing

Fork Brewing is the award winning brewing arm of the Fork & Brewer Brewpub, nestled upstairs on Bond Street in Wellington’s CBD. Our 1000 litre brewery produces an eclectic and diverse range of beers – many of which can only be experienced at the bar.

Base Jumper APA (5.4% ABV)
This  American Pale Ale brings a lovely malt balance to bold assertive hop character. A decent bitter kick rounds this one off to a tee.

Golden Mile Helles Lager (4.5% ABV)
This light-hued beauty takes the classic German Helles Lager style and gives it a hoppy twist! Crisp, bright and clean - perfect for the warm weather that Wellington is renowned for!?!

Gold Medal Famous NZ Golden Ale (4.9% ABV)             
A NZ Golden Ale that is Kiwi as, thanks to the combo of NZ Nelson Sauvin and Southern Cross Hops giving a lovely grapefruit character in this beer.

Fork & Zeffer Apple Cider (5.0% ABV)
Made from Nelson Mahana Red apples gives this cider a fantastic flavoursome and aromatic edge. Juicy and full flavoured cider made the way it should be!

Cherry 2000 Cherry & Cinnamon Gose (5.0% ABV)
Tart and fruity with a light salty tang on the back palate; finishes with the faintest hint of cinnamon spice. This one stands out- Dazzling lipstick red and as bright as a button!

Puns n’ Goses Gose (3.7% ABV)
A reinterpretation of the famous Leipzig Gose of Germany. Clean, tart and refreshing with just enough citrus and celery salt character to provide an intense moreishness.

Slip Pils German Pilsner (5.2% ABV)
Initial malt sweetness balanced by a light noble hop bitterness and a good dry and floral finish.

Garage Project

Garage because it started in a garage, but it’s more than that. It’s also about approaching things with a garage mentality. It’s about playing around, making do and thinking outside the box. The surroundings might be basic but this is no barrier to creativity. This is bière de garage – beer from the garage.And why Project – because it’s ongoing, it’s a work in progress and we plan to keep it that way. We don’t plan to come out with a fixed portfolio of beers – this is about experimenting, pushing boundaries, blurring the boundaries between styles - seeing what works!

Rhubarb Rhubarb Rhubarb (2.9% ABV)
kettle sour  

Death From Above (7.5% ABV)
mango, Vietnamese mint, chili Indochine pale ale

Petite Morte (5.3% ABV) 
brett farmhouse ale  

Resonance (6% ABV)
Kölsch, with a touch of extra hop and an unconventional symphonic twist. 

Party & Bullshit (6.2% ABV)
East Coast IPA   

Cats Pajamas (5.3% ABV)
American Cream Ale  

Kereru Brewing Company

Kereru Brewing Co. brews British and European style craft beers made with the finest New Zealand-grown ingredients available, including Gladfield malts, Nelson hops, and many more ingredients that celebrate the marvellous qualities and flavours which are part of our local landscape.  Greater Wellington Brewday is a great opportunity for us to meet and connect with the people who buy and enjoy our beer locally - as well as introduce our range to a new audience!

For Brewday, we will be serving:

Big Pigeon Pilsner (5.0% ABV)
Big Pigeon Pilsner has bold NZ hop & malt flavours, balanced just right with a bright clean finish.

For Great Justice Coconut Porter (4.5% ABV)
A lovely drinkable brown porter, infused with wood-fired toasted coconut. 

Guava Weisse (3.8% ABV)
Guavaweisse is a refreshing kettle-soured & unfiltered Berliner weisse-style ale made with wheat and guava puree. It's golden blush in colour with a tangy tropical aroma and a clean gentle sourness, fit for a hot summer's day.

Yellowhead IPA (4.5% ABV)
Yellowhead IPA is a sessionable India Pale Ale with bright, exuberantly aromatic, tropical New Zealand hops (including Nelson Sauvin, Moutere, Motueka, and Kohatu) balanced with full-bodied maltiness, perfect for your summer BBQ.

KOAST Limoncello

We manufacture our Liqueurs on the Kapiti Coast.  The Limoncello, Cream Limoncello and Orangecello are 100% Natural, free of Preservatives, Additives and Colours. The oil from the zest of the fruit provides all the colour and taste. Traditionally Limoncello is enjoyed as a liqueur after a meal, but it is the perfect base for many cocktails.
Our cocktails at Brewday will be:

SUN AND SAND - Limoncello and Gingerbeer, garnished with mint and lemon slices.
PINACELLO - Cream Limoncello with Pineapple juice garnished with fresh pineapple.
ORANGE BLISS - Orangecello with Lemonade garnished with fresh orange slices.

Martinborough Brewery

Nestled amongst Martinborough’s famous vineyards is a boutique brewery where a small passionate team is handcrafting beer with attention to quality and flavour.   The ethos at Martinborough Brewery is to produce premium hand crafted beer, using natural ingredients, blended together by people who are passionate about their craft, product and region.

Come and visit us at our brewery and tasting room located in the heart of Martinborough (10 Ohio Street).  The tasting room is a great place to sample our range of beer, including cider and local wine. We also offer a range of sharing food plates. We are On and Off licenced so you can relax over a few or fill a flagon to take away

At BrewDay:

Vintage Gold (4.5% ABV)
A refreshing Golden Ale showcasing only the best NZ ingredients. It's brewed with just the one hop variety, Wai-iti, which adds a subtle blend of citrus. Smooth and quaffable, you'll satisfy your thirst and want another.

Ohio APA (5.0% ABV)
A light crisp American Pale Ale punctuated with juicy citrus and tropical fruit aromas. US hops are the hero and allowed to shine off a light pale malt base. Light amber in colour with a moderate bitter finish.

Hop Elixir (6.2% ABV)
An IPA made with all New Zealand ingredients. Enjoy the citrus notes layered with hints of stone fruit.  Then sit back and wait for the bitterness to tantalise your senses and the elixir of hops to cure your ills.

Foxy Red (6.5% ABV)
A cunning creation that delivers the best of both worlds.  This Dry Hopped Red Ale delivers a bold backbone of toffee and caramel fused with tropical fruit.  Presented in a deep red hue with a lasting luscious head, it’s a foxy wee number.

Black Nectar (5.8% ABV)
Taste hints of chocolate and coffee while you revel in the roasted goodness of this Oatmeal Stout.

Imperial Stout (8.0% ABV)
A rich tapestry of dark malts, huge flavour and complexity with a silky smooth texture. 

North End Brewery Ltd

North End is a small brewery with an attached brewpub and BBQ restaurant called The Salt and Wood Collective in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. We brew modern English and Belgian inspired beers with a focus on sour and barrel aged beers.

Pouring at BrewDay we have:

Become the Ocean Gose
Tart , salty, wheat beer

Botanicole Grisette
Farmhouse Ale with citrus, bay leaf, and kawakawa

Fieldway APA (5.8% ABV)
Hoppy Aotearoa Pale Ale  

Blanc de Houblon (7.0% ABV)
Fruity Belgian India Pale Ale

Oude Draak
Barrel Aged Flanders Brown Ale

Barrel Stout
Barrel Aged Export Stout  

Iron Sands (6.0% ABV)
Oat Rye Stout, rich dark and chocolaty  

ESB – Strong English style Bitter (5.8% ABV)
Marmaladey , rich and malty 

Panhead Custom Ales

Panhead is New Zealand's very own craft brewing monster truck rally, putting the frighteners on anyone who thinks beer should mind its own business and cower behind the wine rack. Launched in 2013 out of the old Dunlop tyre factory in darkest Maidstone, we were embraced enthusiastically from the get go by Wellington's beer cognoscenti of beardy app developers, design grads and contractors from the Ministry of Social Development. 

Starting with four stock beers of spot-hitting quality and consistency it wasn't long before we were turning out hopped-up, weirded-out specials every other week just to sate the demand of a public who wanted their tastebuds destroyed with every pint.

With a formidable reputation earned first as a home brewer and then commercially, Chief Beer Engineer Mike Neilson employs a resourcefulness honed building hotrods to strip back, rebuild and pimp out a beer anyway he sees fit. The country's finest brew crew is there to make it happen and maintain Panhead's legendary reputation for quality and consistency.

BrewDay Beers:

Quickchange XPA  (4.6% ABV)

Supercharger APA  (5.7% ABV)

Port Road Pilsner (5.2% ABV)

Culture Vulture (Salted Gose) (4.8% ABV)

Te Aro Brewing Company

A micro brewery that’s made the journey from home brewing to supplying home brewing equipment to brewing on a larger scale. Soon to be moving from the CBD to be your new Upper Hutt brewing local.

Beers at BrewDay: 

Obligatory NZ Pale Ale (4.9% ABV)
Clean refreshing pale ale with a crisp bitterness and a light caramel malt profile 

Oatmeal Stout (5.1% ABV)
A medium strength Oatmeal Stout, rich and creamy with a roasty toasty backbone

Dragon American Pale Ale (5.7% ABV)
Medium bodied, quaffable APA with a slightly sweet aroma and balanced bitterness

Imperial Grapefruit Pale Ale (below 7.6% ABV)
Intense yet balanced, full bodied, bitter tart grapefruit fruitiness with a sweet toffee malt finish

Tiamana Brewery


Tiamana is the Māori word for Germany. Brewer Annika follows in her family's tradition brewing German-style beers like Pilsner, Schwarzbier, Doppelbock and Gose. Our Berliner Weisse is as authentic as it gets, a lacto-fermented beast brewed with green woodruff. A German IPA completes the line-up. Our special feature at Brew Day will be an original Berliner 'Malzbier', an alcohol-free stout. Dare to be surprised!

We'll showcase:

Pilski, Berliner Pilsner (5.6% ABV)
Full and round, yet an easy drink. German grown noble hops make for an earthy and herbal hop aroma

Digga, German IPA  (6.5% ABV)
German-hopped IPA with the new Bavaria Mandarina hops. Fruity, lush hop flavour with the signature floral notes of German hops.

Banaenae, Banana Spice Ale (5.5% ABV)
A surprisingly light Banana ale with cinnamon, vanilla and coriander. A special collab with brewers from Garage Project, Kereru and Mata Beer!

Quincee Jones, Quince Gose (3.8% ABV)
Refreshing Gose with German quince. Light, tart, flavours of marmelade, mango and stewed apple.

And special for Brew Day:

Malty, an alcohol-free Stout!
A 0% dark beer with lots of flavour. Taste it to believe it!

Even Older Fritze, Barrel-aged Doppelbock (8.5% ABV)
Aged for 7 months in a wild yeast Sauvignon Blanc barrel from Dog Point. Rich notes of oak, tobacco, bourbon and molasses, and a hint of sourness.


Tuatara Brewery

Tuatara Brewing Co started out as a farm shed operation on the Kapiti Coast 16 years ago making traditional styles, the German lagers, Czech pilsners but made locally, so people were getting them fresh rather than stale imported beers. After a few years we decided to use more kiwi grown hops and barley which led to taste and aroma profiles that are quite different to beers made from international ingredients. Now our beers have evolved from Kiwi twists on traditional styles to almost unique styles in their own right. Winning NZ’s Champion Brewery 2017 award shows we must be doing something right! As one of NZ’s largest craft breweries, we are in the fortunate position of having a pilot brewery (The Third Eye tap room) in Wellington to toil away with weird, interesting and sometimes challenging brews and also the Paraparaumu brewery to get our big brews out to the Kiwi public and beyond.

The Beers at BrewDay we will be serving:

Helluva Lager (5% ABV)

Sauvinova Single Hop Pale Ale (4.7% ABV) (Gold Brewers Guild)

Tomahawk American Pale Ale (5.6% ABV) (New Release)

G ‘n’ T Citrus Summer Sour (5% ABV) (Seasonal Release)

Wild & Woolly Brewing

Wild and Woolly is (jointly) Wellington's smallest brewery. While we appreciate (and brew some) classic styles, at the heart Wild and Woolly is all about experimentation. Our beers often feature non-traditional ingredients such as fruit, herbs, spices, oak, wild yeast and souring bacteria. Come join us for an adventure in a glass.

At BrewDay we will have:

Drosophila Peach Sour (4.5% ABV) - Small batch exclusive to BrewDay 
A classical, slow process sour, fermented with lactobacillus and brettanomyces.  Bitingly sour, this beer used 8kg of peaches in 30L of beer for a bright, yet funky flavour.  

Parsonbird Pohutakawa Gose (3.5% ABV) - Small batch exclusive to BrewDay
A beer built on Wellington summer.  Parson Bird used an utterly ridiculous 2kg of pohutakawa flowers gathered from the neighbourhood of the brewery.  In addition, we added 2 kilos of pohutakawa and rata honey, which shines through in the finished beer.  Floral, tart, sweet, savoury.  A unique gem of a beer. 

Basilisk Citrus and Mint Berliner Weisse (2.5% ABV)
A bright, refreshing beer, Basilisk is a tart Berliner Weisse. It's dry "hopped" with kaffir lime leaf, lemon zest and mint. A lower ABV beer that is still packed with aroma, flavour and mouthfeel.  Perfect for outdoor drinking on a summer's day!

Ogopogo Imperial IPA (9.0% ABV)
Named after a lake monster from the Pacific Northwest of North America, this is a big, mean, classic imperial IPA. Forget about mango and passionfruit, this beer features old school American hops. Massive aromas of pine resin, grapefruit, spice, earth and even a hint of green onion come from the from the Summit, Nugget and Chinook hops that form the beer's backbone. Bitingly bitter, splendidly dry, not even the faintest bit cloying and devastatingly easy to drink. Very much a crowd pleaser, but one to handle with care!
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