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Big thanks to all the Breweries below for their support. Please support them as well by buying and enjoying their beer wherever it is available.


Hobart Brewing Co

Delicious independent Tasmanian beer…...

Situated at Macquarie Point, just behind historic Hunter Street and a stone's throw from Hobart's famed Sullivan's Cove. Our brewery is on full view from the taproom in the Red Shed where you will find our year round core beers as well as a range of seasonal brews and beers brewed in collaboration with other breweries.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, Hobart's best "beer park" with fire pit, Food Trucks, and regular live music and events makes our home a pleasure to visit.

BrewDay Brews

Bohemian Hopsody - 5.1% ABV

For our 2019 Fresh Hop Beer we chose to brew a Bohemian Pilsner.  A Pilsner is a perfect harmony between body, sweetness, bitterness and spiciness with no one flavour overwhelming the others. Bohemian Hopsody is unfiltered and brewed with 100% fresh hops.

The soul of our Fresh Hop Pilsner is floor malted Bohemian pilsner barley grown and malted in the Czech Republic. The hop variety is an experimental hop known now as HPA-016 from Hobart's Derwent Valley. Much like cooking with fresh herbs rather than dried herbs, the green hops will add a more rounded and softer bitterness overall. We also had to add eight times the quantity using fresh versus hop pellets. The hops contribute a touch of spiciness (for the trad Pilsner), but predominantly tropical fruit notes (New World style).

We like to think of a well brewed Pilsner as the Champagne of beers while back in the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic, Pilsner is known as the beer of Kings.


Iron Pot Rye Porter - 4.8% ABV

Our year round Porter is a robust and balanced porter without the high alcohol and heavy malt weight. Rye makes up around 14% of the malt bill providing a gentle spice to the dark flavours.

Tascadian Dark Ale - 6% ABV

Tascadian Dark Ale draws its inspiration from the hoppy Cascadian Dark Ales brewed in the Pacific NW of the U.S. where the style draws its name from the Cascade Mountains. Featuring Tasmanian grown Cascade hops, what sets Tascadian Dark Ale apart from a Black IPA is that the roasted and specialty malts are as much a part of the story of flavour and aroma as the hops are.

Floral, fruity and piney hop flavours and aromas are balanced with subtle roast, chocolate and caramel maltiness leaving one wondering where one begins and the other ends.

Saint Christopher Cream Ale - 4.8% ABV

This is another American style beer influenced by having an American head brewer combining American beer know-how (and taste) with Tasmanian malt and hops. Delicate, bready and crisp ale (drinks like a lager should!).

Extra Pale Ale - 5.6% ABV

A Tasmanian strength pale ale with extra Tasmanian and Victorian hops. 

Saison - Traditional - 6.9%

Following in the wake of the refreshing Saisons brewed in the farmhouse breweries of Wallonia where flavours and aromas are generated by the Saison Dupont yeast during fermentation. Complex and peppery.

Imperial Porter – Whisky Barrel Aged - 9.5% ABV

A strong Porter aged in Sullivans Cove whisky casks. Robust, whisky on the nose, wood on the pallet and well balanced. This Porter batch originated from our 2017 gold medal winning Imperial Porter (AIBA 2017).

Brett Saison - Barrel-aged - 5.7% ABV

A beautiful complex Saison inoculated with brettanomyces and aged in neutral oak barrels. 

Fork Brewcorp

From their swanky headquarters in the Wellington CBD, Fork Brewcorp seize beer thought leadership with a series of market-tested end-to-end drinking solutions, delivering superior outcomes to relevant stakeholders at all points in the value chain.

BrewDay Brews

Tainted Love - Passionfruit & Juniper Sour - 6.5%

Juicy Passionfruit blends seamlessly with a clean, punchy acidity and a earthy herbal note from Juniper 

Alpha Geek - American IPA - 6.5%

Big and bold. This American IPA has a lean, clean malt base and a shedload of American hops given an assertive bitter finish 6.5%

Hyperlocal NZ Pale Ale - 5.9%

All NZ hops and malt combine to give a very moreish and approachable character to this Pale Ale 5.9%

Golden Handshake Pilsner - 5.2%

A nod to the European roots of this beer, with all German hops and Malt. Clean, crisp and fresh. 5.2%

Native Hard Sparkling

With (pretty much) no carbs, sugars, or fat – and a 4.6% alcoholic kick – Native Hard Sparkling is just some *Good Clean Fun*, with 10% of profits donated to help protect and sustain native NZ species.

Our drinks are made simply – with sparkling water, fermented and distilled cane sugar, a dash of real fruit concentrate, and a hint of stevia. That’s it!

At Brewday – we’ll be serving our signature flavours: *Lemon & Yuzu* and *Berry & Blackcurrant* – with more flavours being developed and tested in our workshop as we speak! Follow us on Instagram to stay up-to-date on what we’re up to, and where Native’s going next.

BrewDay Hard Sparkling

Native Lemon & Yuzu - 4.6% - Hard Sparkling

Refreshing, light, and effervescent – with a zesty citrus tang. Made simply with sparkling water, fermented and distilled cane sugar, and natural lemon and yuzu concentrate.

Native Berry & Blackcurrant - 4.6% - Hard Sparkling

Refreshing, light, and effervescent – with a fresh and fruity finish. Made simply with sparkling water, fermented and distilled cane sugar, and natural raspberry and blackcurrant concentrate.

Duncan's Brewing Company

Duncan's is an independently owned microbrewery located on the Kapiti Coast. We like to play with new style beers, which respectfully nod to the past. Our team is small but we're supported by a big community. We think we make great beer. And we're proud of it.

BrewDay Brews

  • Splice of Whippy, Milkshake IPA / 6.7%
  • Juniper IPA / 7%
  • Coco Husk, Stout / 6.1%
  • Yum Yum Yuzu, Japanese Lager / 4.7%

JuiceHead Beer

Brought together through slinging pints and creating distinctive and explosive beers, JuiceHead is all about making quality beer that bursts with flavour, tests the taste buds, and leaves you craving another.

BrewDay Brews

Detonator Pale Ale - 5% 

Our flagship pale ale. Huge hit of tropical grapefruit and pine from US and NZ hops. 

Renegade Lager - 4.7% 

A bright, dry lager generously dry hopped with Pacifica for a clean lemony hit.

Velvet Skies Sour - 4.5% 

Clean and delicate sour dosed with hibiscus flower and lemon verbena.

Fallout DIPA - 8% 

Presenting our first ever entry for GABS, a Simcoe cryo-hopped massive IPA. Resinous, bitter, bold.

Cascade Chaos Black IPA - 6.2% 

The first beer we ever made, making a comeback for festival season. US and NZ Cascade give pine and spicy citrus to this autumnal IPA.

Bassline Brewing Ltd

Just like that time a homeless man screamed “You’re in the jungle, baby!” at Axl Rose, sometimes a chance encounter can tap you into a new zone of creative inspiration. Such was the case for musos-turned-brewers Abe and Jase from Bassline Brewing, based in Karori, Wellington. 

For these guys blowing off some creative steam used to mean picking up an instrument - or at least that was the case until the pair were each gifted a bottle of mind-blowing local homebrew. From there, the pair were hooked and quickly took to experimenting with creative brews of their own.

BrewDay Brews

Whole Lotta Feijoa - 2.3% ABV

A feijoa gose, lots of fruit, with a light sourness and light saltiness. This beer goes down easy. If you like feijoa it's a must-try! 

Fresh Hop Red House - 5.3% ABV

A fresh hop amber ale, brewed with Atawhai hops: a mystery breed grown in the backyard of the family home in Nelson. It's a beautiful mix of flavour from malt - toffee, caramel - and HOPS - lots of hops - floral, tropical, citrus. It ends with a balanced smooth bitterness.

2018 Double Black Days - 7% ABV

A double chocolate, double vanilla double stout, brewed with a truckload of cacao nibs and husks. Mmmmmmm chocolate. Limited quantities, this beer will sell out.

Upper Hutt Infused Gin & Juice IIPA - 7.7% ABV

A Grapefruit and Juniper double IPA infused in-line from the keg with a special blend done exclusively for the festival.

Te Aro Wine

Te Aro wine is an urban winery in the heart of wellington making wines from local fruit. We make fun wine not fine wine!

BrewDay Wines

2018 Toil and Trouble Pet Nat 

"Toil and Trouble is our first Pet Nat, it is made from Sauvignon Blanc picked in the Bridge Pa Triangle at around 20 brix (making for a svelte 10.5% abv). 

2018 Fruit Bomb of Truthiness 

“Not a Sauvignon as you know it” - Fruit Bomb sees the same base wine used in Toil and Trouble fermented out until dry in tank and aged on lees for a further 6 months. After that we racked and bottled it. Thats pretty much it. 

2016 Tastes Like Sauvignon Blanc 

Called 'Tastes Like' both in reference to the amazing artwork by our good friend @pepperraccoon, who has drawn an amazing label showcasing the flavours of the wine... those of stereotypical kiwi Sauvignon Blanc. So not only does it taste like the images of the label, it also tastes like kiwi Sav. It is bright, fresh and tropical with a hint of herbs and spice. 

2018 Spiderwebs Rose 

Wild Martinborough Pinot Noir Rose with a touch of skin-fermented Sauvignon Blanc for texture. 

2017 Tastes Like Syrah 


Mean Doses

Just regular people, like you or me, except they're making very, very good beer.

BrewDay Brews

Mean IPA - 6.7%

Because you need an IPA, don’t you? You do. I mean a brewery needs an IPA, sure, that’s just basic business sense. But you, the people, you need this too. This IPA is deep and golden, it has all kinds of citrus in it, but also with a clean, balanced bitterness. It’s like a balm for your weary soul. I have seen people cheer up, very quickly, upon tasting this IPA (true story).

So Fresh and So Mean - 5.5%

Ain't no beer as dope as this, it's just so fresh, so mean (so fresh and so mean mean!!)... yeah that's a c.2000-era hip hop reference. I didn't get it. Had to look it up on Youtube. Anyway, this one's a full flavour IPA with 20kg of fresh-hopped Nelson Sauvin, and some Motueka and Riwaka to boot. It's so zesty you could drink it in a bubble bath while your partner raps about it. You could even take it to church! But probably better if you don't. Probably just drink it normally.

Mean Haze 6%

You ever see the 1980s Dune film? The David Lynch one? Most people say it was confusing. Me, I loved it.

Anyway, you know the scene where they "fold space" - where the Navigator, that fish-baby-thing, floats in a glowing liquid and shoots golden light from its mouth? And that's how they travel through the galaxy? True story: this is the beer they used to shoot that scene. It's a hazy IPA with Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe hops. The Haze must flow.

Mean 'official name tbc hoppy red' - 6.3%

Aww yes people, another fine red ale. We've used a secret combination of hops (i.e. Dean has forgotten what they were) to bring you the very finest, the most tastiest fruit flavours over this rich malt base. Don't be a hater. Don't wrinkle your nose at this wonderful creation, just because it's a red and some other (inferior) reds made you think you don't like reds. You DO like reds. You like THIS red. And it likes YOU back.

Black Dog Brew Co

In 2011, Black Dog Brew Co. was conjured up and cross bred in the heart of wellington, the craft beer capital of New Zealand. Since then the brewers have been doing something a little special, a little different and having some fun smashing opposites along the way. Along with long-time favourite brews, we like to keep things limited.

Sleep with one eye open, because the occasional rare breed of brew will pop up. Introducing the new breeds of brewing - experiential and permanent ranges - get them while they're hot!

BrewDay Brews


One of the more complex beers we have made to date, we threw a lot at this Saison: Deep orange in colour with delicate layers of flavor from additions of Goji berries, Manuka bush honey, toasted cinnamon quills, orange zest and crushed coriander seeds fresh from Dan’s mum’s garden.  The slight tartness from the Goji berries is beautifully balanced by the richness of the honey and spices.  The beer that keeps on giving - each sip will reveal a new flavour.


This crystal clear, straw colored Pilsner has a nice tight head and Bush Honey and Lychee aroma. It delivers a dry, clean, crisp flavour and a soft, refreshing finish.


We added a healthy dose of grapefruit to enhance the citrus characteristics from the Citra hop used in this IPA.  The unmistakable Ruby Red grapefruit character dominates both the aroma and palate in this beer before finishing with a clean, lingering bitterness. 6.8% ABV

JED-I.P.A – India Pale Ale – 6% ABV

Brewed every so often in a brewery not so far away, the guys have created a beer in homage to the legendary Star Wars movie franchise, calling it Jed-IPA.  Jed-IPA is made with Amarillo hops for a strong stone fruit/peach flavour and aroma, without excessive bitterness.

Garage Project

Garage because it started in a garage, but it’s more than that. It’s also about approaching things with a garage mentality. It’s about playing around, making do and thinking outside the box. The surroundings might be basic but this is no barrier to creativity. This is bière de garage – beer from the garage.And why Project – because it’s ongoing, it’s a work in progress and we plan to keep it that way. We don’t plan to come out with a fixed portfolio of beers – this is about experimenting, pushing boundaries, blurring the boundaries between styles - seeing what works!

BrewDay Brews

DFA - Chilli, Mango, Lime IPA 7.5%

A deliciously intense tryst of bittersweet heat, tropical fruit and citrus hop character, coming together to create a beer of rich, satisfying balance.

Fresh May - Hazy IPA 7.00%

Each batch is an opportunity to try a new brewery fresh IPA, unfiltered and unfined, showcasing a unique combination of yeast, malt and hops.,

Bliss - Easy Drinking Lager 4.5%

Brewed with NZ malt and Motueka hops, Bliss is fermented cold and stored at subzero temperatures to produce a delicately crisp, clean, easy drinking lager.

Fuzz Box - Fuzzy Pale Ale 5.8%

Amplified and distorted in a wall of haze and hop feedback. Galaxy, Nelson and Mosaic riffs drift in a fuzz of juicy malt and tropical fruit noise.

Raspberry Lemonade - Raspberry Lemon Sour 5.9%

Barrel-aged Wild Workshop sour made with raspberries & lemons.

Mutiny on the Baltic - Bourbon Barrel Aged Baltic Dessert Porter with Vanilla, Coconut & Chocolate (Contains Lactose) 9.4%

Spirituous heat elegantly balanced with deep, rich coconut vanilla sweetness in an ebony black brew of intense complexity.

North End Brewery Ltd

We're a small team, producing our beer right out of our brewery in Waikanae, on the Kapiti Coast. Brought to life in 2013 by a trio of kiwis passionate about food, drink and the coast. Producing a range of beers, inspired by traditional european styles, brewed to capture the uniqueness of our land. Taking our name from Kapiti Island, where the aptly named 'North End' is most visible from Waikanae Beach; we appreciate local, including this in our ingredients, branding and brew pub; Salt and Wood Collective, adjoined to the brewery, open all day, serving American style BBQ and North End Brews to dine in or takeaway.

BrewDay Brews

Beach Hoist - American IPA - 6.5%

Our American style India Pale Ale started out as a collaboration with a legendary brewer from Oregon in the North West United States. We took the American IPA style and substituted American varieties of hops for New Zealand grown ones. We have tweaked the recipe and made it our own. The result is fruity, and resinous with a smooth malt backbone and a lingering bitter finish.

Become The Ocean – Gose - 5%

For hundreds of years brewers in the German state of Saxony produced tart, salty, spicy wheat beers called Gose. The style was all but extinct when new world craft brewers discovered it and started to brew versions with increasingly off the wall flavourings. We decided to do something revolutionary and brew a Gose using only the traditional ingredients of water, malt, hops, salt, coriander seeds and yeast.  Fruity, tart and just a little salty

Pacific Blonde - Kapiti Lager - ABV 4.5%

In the south of Germany, Brewers make crisp, clean, malt accented golden lagers that they call 'Helles' after the German word for pale. Pacific Blonde is our take on the Helles style lager; using a blend of New Zealand and German malt, herbal New Zealand hops, and a traditional German yeast strain. Crisp and refreshing Pacific Blonde strikes a tight rope balance between ready malt and herbal hops that makes the perfect antidote to a hot summers day.

Petit Luna - Hibiscus & Lime Sour Ale - 2.5%

Just because something is small doesn't mean it won't pack a punch. The little, delicate, dried flowers of the hibiscus plant are a case in point as they lend a pungent, fruity character, and deep pink colour when added to beer. The same can be said of Petit Luna. Hibiscus, kaffir lime, spicy Belgian yeast, and lactic tartness all brew up to a big refreshing blast of flavour fired by a light, low alcohol beer.

Stout Varadero - Rum Oaked Stout - 6.2%

At North End Brewery we love rum: we love drinking it, we love matching beers with it and most of all we love aging beer over the oak barrels that were used to make it.  Stout Varadero is the result of a collaboration with Wellington rum purveyors: Havana Bar.  A dark, rich, warming oatmeal and rye stout aged on a blend of 3, 5, and 15 years old Ron Varadero rum barrel oak.

Boneface Brewing Company

Boneface brewing co is a brewery situated in Brew town Upper Hutt with a tap room and kitchen.

BrewDay Brews


A fruity light bodied american pale ale 5.5%


An East Coast style brewed with NZ Hops 6%


A dry American style Stout with coffee, Chocolate and citrus notes 5.8%

Stay Clean

A clean crisp Pilsner brewed with Czech hops 5%


A tart refreshing sour ale with a fruity hop finish 4.5% 

Peckhams Moutere Cider

This was the first cider we created in our Upper Moutere cidery and stems from our quest to create a go-to, honest cider with plenty of character. Zesty and fresh with a touch of apple pie, and subtle complexity from some great cider apples  5.9%

Peckhams Elderfolwer Cider

Take a really good cider, infuse it with fresh elderflowers, and you have summer in a glass. Every spring, one of us spends six weeks handpicking wild elderflowers along local Moutere riverbanks to make this fragrant, floral, delicate cider 5.7%

Heyday Beer Co

Heyday Beer Co is a colourful brewery, bar and eatery on (Upper) Cuba St.

Heyday likes to keep things fresh, colourful and seasonal opting to flex our creativity with new beers regularly.  

Open 7 days a week for lunch from 11am until late. On and Off Licence. 264 Cuba St, Wellington.

BrewDay Brews

Floating Mountain American Wheat Ale - 6%

Floating Mountain is brewed for summertime enjoyment. With a blend of Gladfield wheat and ale malts to lighten up the body. It has an assertive bitterness and dry hopped with Bavaria Mandarina and Calypso. Go ahead climb the mountain!

Agua Fresca Necatarina Sour - 4.5%

The forth of our Agua Fresca (Spanish for fresh water) summer series - tart fruit-forward kettle sours. Tart & refreshing featuring agave nectar, fresh lime juice, sea salt & a ridiculous amount of nectarine puree.

Folio American Pale Ale (first release) - 5.5%

Launching at Brewday!

Tempest Brown Ale - 7%

A big, bold and beautiful beer. The blend of specialty malts have flavours of biscuit, brown sugar and chocolate contrasted against heaps of resinous centennial and bavaria mandarina.

Lazy Days Session IPA - 5%

The name pretty much sums up our intent with this IPA. We dropped the ABV, bumped up the body and dry hopped with a special blend. Lazy Day is the perfect pint to have in the sun on an early afternoon.


Double Vision Brewing Company

We know Craft Beer can get a bit full-on but we are here to tell you it's all good and you can relax. Often people get pushed away from the beer scene by egos and exclusivity. If you see us at an event, festival, walking down the street or at a bar... Come hang out with us, you're always welcome at DVB!

BrewDay Brews

Repeat Offender NZ Pilsner  (5.1%ABV)

Easy drinking NZ Pilsner mixes the dynamic Aotearoa hop duo of Nelson Sav and Rakau to bring a crisp and balanced character. Sure to be a repeat offender

Magic Bean Stout (5.8%ABV)

Imagine the most beautiful milk stout in all the land. Now make it with enough flavour for giants: Infuse it with cacao, Flight Coffee and vanilla beans, then cross it with a kick of a Thomson Manuka White Whisky. This isn’t your fairy godmother’s homebrew.
This magical tincture is our Magic Bean Stout – a treat for your palate and your belly.

Irish Coffee Stout (5.8%ABV)

The name says it all!

Chillax XPE  (5%ABV)

Light malt sweetness for the Nelson Sauvin and Simcoe hops to shine their zingy and fruity heads off.

Expatriot American Pale Ale  (5.6%ABV)

Citrus, tropical, floral & pine notes from the hops with a light biscuity malt profile.

Red Rascal Red IPA  (6.3%ABV)

Fresh, fruity, gooseberry and citrus hop characteristics with a gentle red malt flavour to balance.

Naughty Hopper  IIPA.(8.9%ABV)

Mango, Apricot, Orange – Citrus with a nice balance of body.

The Occasional Brewer

Inspired by the crowds gathered around the Farra Brewing System at Beervana 2013 we had an idea. What if we could make the system available to everyone who wanted to brew their own craft beer. If we built it, would the beer lovers come?

And so the Occasional Brewer was born. We help you make great craft beer – at our place.

We supply the top-of-the-line brewing system, high quality ingredients (that’s grain, not extract) and expertise. Just bring your mates and a love of craft beer.

BrewDay Brews

Barrel Aged Sour - 7.3%

A blend of sour blonde and sour brown ales aged in Porter’s Pinot Noir barrels then conditioned on black doris plums and berries. Oaky, tart and complex.

Passionfruit Sour - 4.5%

Sour wheat ale base, conditioned on passionfruit. Refreshing, tart and crisp!

NE IPA - 5.5%

Dank and fruity on the nose this beer is heavily dry hopped to give it the nose of freshly squeezed tropical juice. Rolled oats and wheat give it a balanced mouthfeel.

LDS Pale Ale - 2.0%  

This pale ale punches above its weight on the flavour scale. Medium bodied with big late additions of fruity NZ Hops.

NZ Pilsner - 5.0%

Our take on the classic NZ Pilsner style. White wine and passionfruit on the nose, a medium bitterness and crisp finish.

Heads in the Clouds Fresh Hop Hazy IPA - 7.9%

Brewed for Hopstock 2019. Fresh Nelson Sauvin "heads" give the beer gooseberry and grassy notes mid palette, we then double dry hopped it to give it a tropical nose.

Tuatara Brewery

Tuatara Brewery started in a shed on Carl Vasta's Reikorangi farm on Wellington's Kapiti Coast back in 2000. Carl's purpose was to brew beers that he and his mates enjoyed drinking, rather than the mass-produced products peddled by the reining duopoly. 17 years on, with significant growth in the NZ craft industry and two NZ Champion Brewery wins, the Brewery promise to "create memorable and uniquely Aotearoa beer experiences".

With the gradual use of more NZ grown ingredients like Motueka hops and Canterbury malts, the taste and aroma profiles have led to their core styles evolving from traditional to distinctively Kiwi brews.

BrewDay Brews

IPA – 6.1%

Bright Golden look. On the nose we have layers of citrus from the fruit forward hops. Very fruity flavours of citrus, tropical & stone fruits. Balanced malt base. Solid bitterness.

Hazy Pale Ale – 5.5%

Dull golden, slightly hazy look. Aroma of tropical & citrus fruits. Taste is a refreshing combination of mango & pineapple with generous dose of citrus. Light bodied with honeyed malt undertones.

Pilsner – 5%

Golden straw colour. Light aroma of citrus & malt. Crisp, firm body with notes of citrus & grass. Good hop bitterness & refreshingly dry finish.

Midnight Sun Baltic Porter – 7%

Deepest dark red look. Rich plum and raisin on the nose. Lots of silky, velvety chocolate on the palate, very light coffee character. Beautifully weighted, rich, warming & embracing.

Good George

file view

If we told you that Good George was the best thing to come out of Hamilton, you'd probably think for a minute then make a joke about how we don't have much competition. That's okay, we can handle it, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We're serious about brewing though. A group of friends started Good George because we wanted to make beer that was truly world class. Now that this dream has been confirmed by us winning numerous awards we're far too modest to go into here.

There's a bit of chemistry to brewing, but you shouldn't need a chemistry degree to enjoy it (or to read the list of ingredients). Beer shouldn't be boring, but nor should it be intimidating - we're not afraid to challenge your tastebuds now and then but that should be an enjoyable experience, not a scary one. And jokes aside, we love our home town. We reckon we could even convince you to love it too, though that's a conversation for another time. Today it's an easy sell: world-class beer, fresh and original, and proudly brewed in Hamilton and soon to be available here - at Brewtown in Upper Hutt.

BrewDay Brews

IPA 5.8%

Inspired by the wave of punchy new world hops. A lovely soft malt backbone is balanced perfectly with juicy, mouth-coating hoppy GOODness & a smooth lingering bitterness.

Brut IPA 5.8%

Ever heard of champagne taste on a beer budget? Well now it’s an actual thing. Our Brut IPA is as close as we could get to the French bubbly stuff without getting a letter from a flashy Parisian lawyer.

APA 6.2%

This beer is the bigger brother to our IPA with bigger malt base, more alcohol and bitterness, and double the dry hop addition.

Pilsner 5%

Crisp, refreshing and delicious - our easy drinking Pilsner goes down a treat, especially in the sun!

Doris Plum Cider 4.5%

All the GOODness of our popular cider married up with locally sourced Doris Plums. Hints of plum & fruit, with sweet and sour taste, makes this one dangerously refreshing.

Rosé Cider 4.5%

Call off the search: you’ve found your summer drink. While others are fumbling with corks and serrated caps you’ll be half way through a glass of this beautiful Rosé Cider

Te Aro Brewing Company

Right in the heart of NZ's coolest little craft beer capital lies an inner city suburb called Te Aro. It was there nestled in the back of Brewtopia Home brew Supplies that Te Aro Brewing Company was born. What started out as a micro brewery and home brew supplies shop has since grown up, and is now brewing on a much larger scale here in Upper Hutt's Brewtown.

BrewDay Brews

Dragon APA - 5.7%.

Classy American Pale Ale - Mosaic hops feature strongly on the nose. Tastes of tropical fruits and Tangerines. A sweet malty base counterbalanced by the hop bitterness.

Razzle Dazzle NZ Pilsner - 5.1%

Not a classic Pilsner - this is charged with Kiwi hops - dank from Riwaka, tropical from Nelson Sauvin. Smooth honey malt profile with clean bitterness

Grapefruit A-Go-Go IIPA - 7.6%

A strong US IIPA showcasing Gladfields malts and US hops with grapefruit zest and juice.  Intense yet balanced full bodied sweet toffee malt with bitter tart fruitiness hides its strength well!

Dubh X Oatmeal Stout - 5.3%

A strong meaty Oatmeal Stout with rich notes of chocolate and coffee

Weasel Juice West Coast IPA - 6.5%

Dank and fruity hops combine for an exquisite full bodied West Coast IPA

Fresh Hopped Tahi NZ IPA - 6.5%

Balanced New Zealand IPA with fresh Riwaka hops providing a tropical and dank counter-balance to the malty backbone. Juicy and delicious.

Django Mango Berliner Weisse - 2.5%

A kettle soured Berliner Weiss with refreshing aromas and flavours of fresh Australian mangos

Obligatory NZ Pale Ale - 4.9%

Classic NZ Pale Ale showcasing Gladfields malt and NZ Cascade, Nelson Sauvin, Motueka & Pacific Jade hops.

Credence Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout - 12%

A rich creamy burst of Vanilla, Oak and Bourbon overlay a heavy bodied stout with little evidence of it's 12% alcohol.


Whistling Sisters Beer Co

Whistling Sisters Beer Co. is a craft beer brewery in Ghuznee St, Wellington. We do beer that is for lovers of clean and reliably good craft beer. We brew interesting beer that take our drinkers on a "journey" through the spectrum of beers styles - from the sweet to the dry and the hoppy to the malty.

WE ARE BEER WITH PURPOSE - both in the intent with which we brew our beer AND to give back to a cause we are passionate about.

BrewDay Brews

XPA – 4.7% ABV

Straw in colour, fruity in flavour, deliciously aromatic on the nose with a nice balancing bitterness and a light juicy mandarin peel accent from the Bavaria Mandarina hops.

Double-Up XXPA – 5.2% ABV

Here is a bigger and stronger version of our standard XPA. Yes! We have doubled both the kettle and dry hopping, and increased the malt content.

Fresh Hop XXXPA – 5.8% ABV

Even more, even bigger, and with Fresh Nelson Sauvin cones. This beer is big on the nose, finely tuned on the bitterness and full of hoppy flavours 5.8% ABV

IPA – 5.9% ABV

A soft malt mouthfeel, a smooth round aroma and a long complex bitter finish forwarded from the Ariana, Callista and Dr Rudi hop selection.

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout – 4.4% ABV

Loads of malt in the mash and cocoa nibs and coffee husks in the hop-back packs our latest stout full of rich warming flavours


Tinker Tailor Brewing Ltd

Tinker Tailor - craft beer with a split personality that's twice as good!
Tinker Tailor beers are all about the excitement of the new (that's the Tinkers), and the excellence of classic brews (the Tailors)

BrewDay Brews

APA - The American Pale Ale – 5.7%

Tailored true-to-style, we’ve found the perfect balance between citrusy hops and a timeless blend of pale malts. Pleasant bitterness complements pastry sweetness for a clean, smooth finish. A true classic  

Fresh Hop APA - American Pale Ale - 5.4%

The once a year opportunity. The 2019 fresh-hop version of our APA. Fresh Nelson sauvin provides subtle citrus aromas and refreshing hoppi-ness. A classic Tinker! 

Lager 5.5%

A lager but not quite as you know it!! We’ve made a small Tinker to our orignal grain bill and (re)created the Vienna Lager. Don’t let the chestnut hue fool you!!! 

The taste is delicate and toasty…the finish crisp and elegant.  

Vienna Lager 5.0%

IPA 6.4%

The Indian Pale Ale. Tailored true-to-style, our dedicated brewers have worked tirelessly. Admire the red-gold colour. Inhale the fragrance of pine and papaya. Taste the flavours of mango and nectarine. Refreshing and perfectly balanced. 

Black IPA - 6.6%

Looks like a dark beer, tastes like an IPA.  We took our classic IPA and, well, blackened it. The result is a delicious mash-up of espresso and evergreen, featuring our favourite hop combo. Rather drinkable, much lighter than a traditional porter or stout.

American Brown Ale - 6.1%

The American Brown Ale. This tasteful classic is Tailored true-to-style. Join us and (re)discover malt as the new hero. Caramel, with a hint of chocolate. We showcase the smooth, the subtle and the satisfying. 

Salted Caramel American Brown Ale - 5.7%

Salt. Caramel. Who doesn’t love salted caramel??!! We’ve Tinkered with our original American Brown Ale – making the most of the maltiness, and adding a pinch (or two!) of the finest rock salt. A harmonious coming together of two opposites!!


Panhead Custom Ales

Panhead is New Zealand's very own craft brewing monster truck rally, putting the frighteners on anyone who thinks beer should mind its own business and cower behind the wine rack. Launched in 2013 out of the old Dunlop tyre factory in darkest Maidstone, we were embraced enthusiastically from the get-go by Wellington's beer cognoscenti of beardy app developers, design grads and contractors from the Ministry of Social Development.

While we'll always call Upper Hutt home, Panhead knows that crappy beer is an international problem so we're colonising the globe as fast as we can.

BrewDay Brews

Supercharger APA - 5.7%

This is an all-American show with Centennial, Citra and Simcoe overwhelming your nose, kicking you in the taste buds and departing with more bitterness than a Palm Springs divorce.

Quickchange XPA - 4.6%

The delicate colour in the glass barely seems enough to support all those Mosaic, Galaxy and Citra alpha oils with their mango, guava, pineapple and lychee characters, but one sip should clear that misapprehension up.

Rat Rod Hazy IPA - 6.5%

This beer is like being smashed in the face with a bowl of fruit salad and probably contains your 5+ A Day (no scientific evidence of this).

Sucky Monmon Lager - 5.2%

A Traditional Japanese lager brewed with rice. Light, refreshing, whisker-licking good.

The Vandal IPA - 8%

A big, bitter IPA stuffed with the tropical hit of Nelson Sauvin, Kohatu and Riwaka hops.

Batch 065 Tonka Truck Tonka Bean and Vanilla Porter - 6.7%

Everyone tastes something a little different, for us it’s bourbon, dark chocolate covered almonds and notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and of course, vanilla.

Batch 066 Watermelon Sour Sour - 4.7%

A strong watermelon aroma and refreshing juicy flavour. A spritzy carbonation, mild acidity and dry finish to balance the sweet fruit.


Martinborough Brewery

Nestled amongst Martinborough’s famous vineyards is a boutique brewery where a small passionate team is handcrafting beer with attention to quality and flavour. 

The ethos at Martinborough Brewery is to produce premium hand crafted beer, using natural ingredients, blended together by people who are passionate about their craft, product and region.

Located in the heart of Martinborough (10 Ohio Street). The tasting room is a great place to sample our range of beer, including cider and local wine. We also offer a range of sharing food plates with an On and Off licence so you can relax over a few or fill a flagon to take away.

BrewDay Brews

Foxy Red – Dry Hopped Red Ale - 6.5% ABV

A cunning creation that delivers the best of both worlds.  This Dry Hopped Red Ale delivers a bold backbone of toffee and caramel fused with tropical fruit.  Presented in a deep red hue with a lasting luscious head, it’s a foxy wee number.

Fresh Hop Fiend 2019 (Verse Hop Duivel) – 7.4% ABV

Verse Hopduivel is a fresh hopped Belgian IPA. The Belgian yeast produces interesting and complex esters that you would expect in a Belgian strong ale. Combined with freshly picked Taiheke hops, this beer exhibits citrus, spice and floral notes.

Imperial Stout 8.0%

A rich tapestry of dark malts, huge flavour and complexity with a silky smooth texture.

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