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The Breweries listed below have confirmed their attendance at BrewDay - please support them as well by buying and enjoying their beer wherever it is available.


Double Vision Brewing Company

We know Craft Beer can get a bit full-on but we are here to tell you it's all good and you can relax. Often people get pushed away from the beer scene by egos and exclusivity. If you see us at an event, festival, walking down the street or at a bar... Come hang out with us, you're always welcome at DVB!

Mean Doses

Locally owned and operated small batch brewery creating fresh and experimental brews for you, the people. 


Bassline Brewing Ltd

Just like that time a homeless man screamed “You’re in the jungle, baby!” at Axl Rose, sometimes a chance encounter can tap you into a new zone of creative inspiration. Such was the case for musos-turned-brewers Abe and Jase from Bassline Brewing, based in Karori, Wellington. 

For these guys blowing off some creative steam used to mean picking up an instrument - or at least that was the case until the pair were each gifted a bottle of mind-blowing local homebrew. From there, the pair were hooked and quickly took to experimenting with creative brews of their own.

Sprig & Fern Brewery

Sprig & Fern produce real craft beers and ciders at our brewery in Nelson, New Zealand. Our award-winning beers are 100% natural, brewed with no artificial additives and unpasteurised to retain maximum craft beer flavour.

Garage Project

We're a small but growing brewery, located in an old petrol station in Wellington.  It's an unlikely place for a brewery but our aim in the Garage is to create unique and beautiful beers.  We like pushing boundaries, reinterpreting styles and challenging the notions of what beer can be. We're here to try something new.  Just like you.

Whistling Sisters Beer Co

We've nicknamed our brewing style 'village craft' because we specialise in small batches and create everything at our brewery in the heart of Te Aro. We're constantly energised by this city - our village that is Wellington - and its vibrant community.
Our beers range a spectrum of styles; from easy-drinking crowd favourites, to traditional 'old world' recipes, and experimental, new world flavours. Each brew is different, and through our craft, we want to help everyone find something to excite their unique taste and share the experience of delicious craft beer.

Fortune Favours Beer

Sometimes you just have to take the leap.

Shannon Thorpe took the leap in 2016. Tired of working for other brewers, Shannon decided it was time to test his nous and open his own brewery. He teamed up with Wellington hospitality veterans Andrew Williams and Jamie Williams, convinced award-winning brewer Dale Cooper to quit his day job, and together they formed Fortune Favours.

Fortune Favours saved an old industrial building and restored it as a new brewpub, brewing on site and serving fresh beer and food. The old furniture restoration business was becoming surrounded by bold new bars and food venues in the revived Leeds Street precinct, and Fortune Favours was happy to add its brewery to this mix.

We love beer and we want to share that love with you. Fortune Favours beers are fresh, fun and innovative. Take the leap and try something different.

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Lucky.


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