Thanks for attending BrewDay 2017, what an awesome day.  Watch this space for details on 2018.

Jackie's Kitchen

Selling a variety of dumplings and wontons (veggie, meat, and seafood options available), chicken satay, and lamb skewers, Jackie’s Kitchen is sure to impress! Local Wellington culinary expert, Jackie Loh, will be showcasing some of her exquisite Asian creations. Known for her private catering across various cuisines, Jackie consistently goes over and above your expectations, achieving the perfect flavour and presentation.  Don’t miss this chance to delight your taste buds!

Six Barrel Soda Co.

Six Barrel Soda Co. make naturally delicious sodas using specialty handmade syrups in the heart of Wellington. Try one and discover your new favorite summer drink!  We will be serving:
- Raspberry & lemon
- Cherry & Pomegranate
- Salted Cucumber & Mint
- Cola Six
- Ginger Ale
- Lemonade

Soul Sista Streets Coffee

At BrewDay we will have the following. Click here to follow us on Facebook.

  • Serious smoothies $7.50
  • Smoothies $6
  • Banana, mango ,blueberry ,strawberry 
  • Regular size coffee $4
  • Large size coffee $5
  • Doughboys pies $4
  • Variety of cold drinks $2.50 - $4
  • Ice blocks $2.50 - $4
  • Iced coffee /chocolate  $5.50
  • Frappes caramel, vanilla, hazelnut $5.50
  • Cookietime $1.50 - $3

Antojitos Taco Truck

Antojitos sources the freshest seasonal produce available and free range meats to make the best tacos in Wellington.

Chicken - marinated free range chicken, baby spinach leaves, corn salsa, chipotle mayo.
Pulled pork - 12hr slow cooked free range pork, apple & fennel 'slaw, chipotle mayo, pepitas.
Fish - fresh battered fish, 'slaw, lime & black pepper mayo, capers.
Crisphy potato - potato in a crispy tortilla, Jalapeno ricotta, 'slaw, salsa verde, pepitas

Jalapeno Poppers
Bacon or Coriander stuffed Jalapeno with 2 cheeses, dipping sauce - Chipotle mayo or lime & black pepper mayor


House of Dumplings

At House of Dumplings, we make good quality comfort food: real, natural and nutritious. The kind of dumplings that a Grandma would feed her grandchildren. No cutting corners, all made from scratch. We're about heritage and using the best ingredients, locally and ethically produced. We are so privileged to live in such a beautiful country, so keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. It's about doing the right thing! What better way make the world a better place, one dumpling at a time!
We are loading up the van with our full range of delicious dumplings and sauces:

  • Cantonese Chicken and Coriander
  • Shanghai Pork and Savoy Cabbage
  • Crystal Prawn and Garlic Chives
  • Nepalese Lamb and Five Veges
  • Korean Sesame Beef and Bean Sprouts
  • Japanese 6 Mushroom (VEGAN)
  • Spinach, Bok Choy and Tofu (VEGAN)


Award-winning Mediterranean restaurant will be serving:

  • Whitebait fritters sandwiches
  • Chicken & prawn jambalaya 
  • Spiced Calamari with aioli

Kapiti Artisan Bread

This authentic hand made bread is made the way bread was made in  Europe 200 years ago. Kapiti Artisan Bread is totally natural with no preservatives, no additives, no artificial ingredients. Authentic, healthy and delicious bread made in Otaki, New Zealand.

The flavours we will have are:
Cheese Onion Garlic Ciabatta
Bacon Butter, Tomato and Cheese Focaccia
Ghost Chilli Ciabatta (Cuisine Artisan winner 2016)

Grab yours for only $2 a slice 


Babička's Table

Handmade sausage served in fresh baguette, saurkraut, rocket, sprout and mustard. For BrewDay we will make a special pork & dark ale flavour of sausage.

Scottys Meats

Scotty, One of Martinboroughs icons, produces more meat than one can handle. His lean and mean cuts rate highly in the Wellington region. For BrewDay he is producing:

  • Venison Burger with bacon, egg and a tangy beetroot chutney 
  • Ham off the bone in a bun with a delicious slaw  
  • Pork belly slow cooked in cider matched with slaw in a bun 
  • Bacon and Egg
Food to fill your belly!!


Burgers and giant dogs Trentham style, and a traditional  South African fare with boerewors rolls (a spicy beef sausage on a hot dog bun) and vetkoek and mince (it’s like Maori fried bread but savoury)

Te Aro BBQ

Head to Te Aro Brewing stall and enjoy these BBQ options:

Free Range Chicken Sausage with Caramelised Onion

Free Range Cajun Chicken Thigh with Iceberg & Garlic Mayo

Grilled Brisket with Jalapeno Mayo & Parsley

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