Support your favourite Brewery

When you purchase a ticket to BrewDay you can choose your favourite brewery as part of the process, by doing this you will be helping them save money. 

Here at BrewDay, we want to reward our hard working brewers, when you choose your favourite brewery we take $1 off the cost of their space. The Brewery with the most referrals over 300, win their stand for free.

So get purchasing and referring and help your favourite brewery win.

Ticket Purchase

BrewDay tickets are now available for purchase.

Early release general admission tickets are priced at just $30 - these are available until April 2019. You can also purchase a $60 early release general admission tickets, this has $30 Brewday currency preloaded.

If you invite your mates along to BrewDay 2019, you could be joining us for FREE! More details at checkout.

BrewDay would like to reward the influencers out there! Simply share your Ticket Fairy link at checkout and you could be coming, for FREE! - this is how it works - purchase a ticket and then when you get your confirmation email, use the link provided to help your friends get their tickets - they in turn can save if they keep referring. See the discount below on a single ticket purchase.

This year we are having to use the AWOP cashless payment system - this means that each time you load money, the AWOP people will charge you a fee - the BrewDay Organisers do not receive any of those fees.

From 10 April preloaded tickets will not be available as AWOP require a month to process orders.

Please ensure that you are familiar with the Terms & Conditions as they relate to your ticket purchase - to view the Terms and Conditions - Please Click Here

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