That we have contracted CMNZ for six conferences is testimony to the positive relationship and confidence that we will have a successfully managed conference.

They bring a sense of fun and a can-do attitude which brightens the task of putting on a conference. They take the daily tasks and stresses away from me allowing me to concentrate on the delegates and speakers. In the previous 14 years, with other conference organisers I found that I was expected to be making decisions about conference problems and fighting those fires that can flare up from time to time. With CMNZ I was not burdened at all with such expectations. They simply sorted it out.

Ian MacEwan

Executive Director

Marketing a conference successfully is a fine art and one of the more important tasks in the management of an important event. To capture the attention of your audience and attract potential business partners requires very careful positioning of your conference in the marketplace.

Convention Management, with their many years of experience, will guide you in those important decisions needed to establish a successful marketing plan.

Website Solutions
Our various in-house systems enable us to offer flexible website solutions for your event. Using our own Content Management solutions we can build your own stand alone site with a personalised URL, this option is at a fraction of the cost of using an outside contractor to create a website for you.

As another option we can add your event information and registration options to a page on our existing CMNZL site.

All of our options ensure immediate changes to content and also minimise costs from external suppliers.

From local mailing lists, email marketing campaigns and newsletters, to web sites and the Internet, nothing can, or will be left to chance.