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GP Dermatoscopy & Surgical Training


As  primary care doctor's we are often the first and sometimes the only one to see our patient's skin. Most of us in primary care have limited training in diagnosing cutaneous lesions. It can be challenging in the midst of busy clinics to make decisions on incidentally noted skin lesions. Ideally everyone involved in diagnosing skin cancers would be competent in dermatoscopy. With good teaching, and a well structured course it is possible to become reasonably competent in dermatoscopy in 2 days. A polarised digital dermatoscope that attaches to most types of smartphones is complimentary to those attending 2 or more days of the symposium. This will help you to immediately start to use your skills to diagnose subtle melanomas, SCCs and BCCs. Cloud based  software for storage and sharing of images is the best and most inexpensive way of managing your images. A session will be devoted to this topic .

Minor Surgical Skills

For beginners you will have training (and access to training videos) on "how to do" basic suturing skills, a punch biopsy, shave excisions, and simple elliptical excisions and closures. For those wanting more advanced skills there will be training available for more complex suturing, and closure techniques. The surgical sessions will be full of invaluable tips and tricks.

Convenors: Andrew MacGill and Chris Boberg


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