Below are links to Summit presenters presentation that we have been given permission to distribute. 

The International Panel Discussion at the Summit

To prepare for this session you are strongly urged to read the four short papers from each of the four countries taking part in this panel discussion. Available here (Australia, Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom), they provide contextual background and understanding of the issues so you can actively engage in the discussion.

As background, the idea for an international panel for the affiliate conference circuit was developed late last year for roll-out in 2016. Countries involved are Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada and this discussion panel has already been held at the Australian and Canadian conferences.

The three themes/questions being discussed are:

  1. Considering the pressures noted in your paper, what have and what will local government in your country do to address those pressure?
  2. What lessons have been learnt to date and what advice would you give to other countries?
  3. What’s going well in your country and what still needs improvement?

2016 Summit Participants

  • Click here to download the Summit Participants list.
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