BERL 2018 SOLGM Summit Awards

BERL will award SOLGM 2018 Summit registrations to two lucky members to attend the 2018 Summit in Queenstown on 10-11 September*. You must:

  • have worked in the local government sector for at least two, and no more than five, years,
  • be working in business, economic or community development; or in strategy or planning (or related) divisions of business.

You will need to submit a 100-word statement outlining your interest in how Māori can participate in and contribute to the development of your community, district, city or region.

We also welcome applicants who may not meet the criteria in full, but may still be stand-out candidates.

The deadline for applications is 5pm on Friday 13 July. Application forms are here.  Completed application forms can be submitted to  with the subject line ‘BERL Summit registration application’.

*Award includes 2018 Summit registration valued is at $1,200 + GST and excludes travel and accommodation.

About BERL

BERL has a foundation of economic research, advice, and professional consultancy built over 60 years of business in New Zealand.  We are proud to be an Accredited Living Wage Employer, in line with our kaupapa of making a difference to shift New Zealand to a highly profitable, highly paid, highly productive economy.

A privately-owned New Zealand company providing economic analysis and advice to public and private sector clients.  BERL is a company whose staff collaborate with a network of consultants and specialist contributors to bring together the best range of expertise suitable for the various projects we tackle. The provision of sound, practical, independent business and economic advice continues to be the hallmark of BERL’s work.

The difference with BERL is that we are all about people, their communities, and their potential.  Yes, we are economists, but our view of economics is broad and practical, not narrow and theoretical.  What’s more, we want our work to make a difference.

Our work will add to the knowledge of the way your business, iwi, workforce, community, or industry works.  And we will use that knowledge to help improve your organisation. We inform your decisions by understanding your problems, collecting evidence and applying our economic insights.

Underlying it all, we have a commitment to the wellbeing of current and future generations. And that is why we don’t shy away from sometimes having to tell clients what they would prefer not to hear – all the time backed up with evidence.

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