Workshop Information

The workshops will be run on Friday 15 March at the MCG.

TROG Workshops

There are two (2) TROG workshops being offered, these are:

As both of the TROG workshops take place at the same time, please only plan to attend one of them.

Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium

A Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium will take place on the afternoon of Thursday 14 March and all day Friday 15 March. This can be booked as part of the registration process. For information on this Symposium - Please Click Here.

Radiation Oncology Trainee SMART Workshop

RANZCR are also running the: 


Workshop Descriptions

For descriptions of the Workshops and Symposium, please see below on this page.  You can also download the TROG Workshop flyers:

  • To download the flyer for the TRW Workshop - Click Here
  • To download the flyer for the CREW Workshop - Click Here 

You will be able to book the Workshop or Symposium of your choice during the registration process.


Technical Research Workshop (TRW)

Advanced Imaging in Clinical Trials

Friday, 15 March 2019 - Melbourne Cricket Ground

Workshop Summary

The Technical Research Workshop (TRW) is a full-day workshop designed to encourage Radiation Therapist, Medical Physicist, and Radiation Oncologist researchers from Australia and New Zealand to participate in clinical trials and to promote the use of new technology in clinical research. The workshop is set out to share a broader perspective in issues relating to clinical trial conduct and associated technology. It focuses on the active participation of radiation therapists, medical physicists and radiation oncologists in clinical trials to support and enable technical research.

Program Overview


To download the flyer for the TRW Workshop - CLICK HERE

To download the draft program - CLICK HERE

The Technical Research Workshop (TRW) is proudly sponsored by Varian.

TRW Information

TRW Flyer

TRW Draft Program

TRW Program

Clinical Research Education Workshop (CREW)

Friday 15 March 2019 - Melbourne Cricket Ground

Workshop Summary

The Clinical Research Education Workshop (CREW) provides a forum for professional development for clinical trial coordinators, data managers and other related disciplines. This full-day workshop provides advanced education in many areas relating to clinical trials and is an opportunity for participants to increase their knowledge base, while fostering participation in clinical trials and networking with like-minded people.

Workshop Objectives

1. Gain a deeper understanding of the study start-up process: hints, tips and tools

2. Understand aspects of regulatory from study start up through to trial management (site and sponsor)

3. Discover emerging technology affecting clinical trials

4. Develop and enhance your communication skills

To download the final program - CLICK HERE

To download the flyer for the CREW Workshop - CLICK HERE

CREW Program

CREW Program Final

CREW Information

CREW Flyer


Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium

The Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium is a dedicated one and a half day workshop on all aspects of clinical oncology relevant to interventional radiologists (IRs). Interventional Oncology (IO) is a dynamic and ever-expanding profession, and practising IRs must be up to date across a wide range of clinical and technical skills. This dedicated session for IRs will highlight the importance of high quality clinical practise in IO, and how to take interventions “mainstream”.

The IR specific program will bring together interventional radiologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, pathologists and researchers to focus on the clinical aspects of IO practise. Teaching will include overviews of tumour biology, pathology, treatment options, clinical algorithms and the critical role that IO has to play in cancer care from diagnosis, biopsy and management. Sessions will also focus on clinical skills relevant to IR, including procedural sedation, post-procedure analgesia, how to establish and grow an IO clinic, and future IO research areas.

Interventional radiologists of any age are encouraged to attend and learn more about these important concepts in clinical oncology for the modern IR. This course is also highly recommended to registrars who are those interested in a future career in interventional radiology.

Guest Speakers:

  • Dr Costi Sofocleous, Interventional Radiologist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York.
  • Prof Andy Adam, Interventional Radiologist, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital, London.
  • Prof Liz Kenny, Radiation Oncologist, Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane

To download the program for the Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium - CLICK HERE

The Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium is proudly sponsored by:

Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium Flyer

Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium Program

Clinical Interventional Oncology Symposium Program


Radiation Oncology Trainee SMART Workshop

The Radiation Oncology Trainee SMART Workshop is a full-day workshop directly designed to enhance trainee knowledge and skills in:

  • Statistical methods
  • Critical appraisal of the medical literature
  • Research methodology

The workshop will have interactive small group sessions, guided by Radiation Oncologists and Biostatisticians, to discuss actively recruiting and published cancer clinical trials. The SMART Workshop is an opportunity for trainees to meet with local researchers within TROG, and international researchers. Trainees are strongly encouraged to attend the TROG ASM preceding the workshop and develop networks with TROG researchers.

There are two SMART workshops that run on alternate years: Study Design Concepts (workshop A) and Evidence Appraisal Skills (workshop B). Trainees are encouraged to attend both workshops. This year’s SMART Workshop theme is ‘Evidence Appraisal Skills’.

Trainees attending the SMART workshop for the first time are entitled to 10 SMART points.

Trainees attending their second SMART workshop may claim a further 5 SMART points.

Trainees attending the TROG ASM preceding the workshop are entitled to an additional 2 SMART Points (i.e. either 12 points or 7 points).

To download the program - CLICK HERE

Radiation Oncology Trainee SMART Workshop Program

Radiation Oncology Trainee SMART Workshop Program

SMART Workshop Overview - Download Here

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