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Conference and event planning

As one of New Zealand’s most experienced PCOs, we bring your conference, convention, congress or event to life using proven planning processes that ensure success without stress.

An important first step of convention planning involves selecting a senior member of our team to lead your project from go to whoa. This person’s first role is convention planner, which involves attending all relevant planning meetings and appropriate sub-committee meetings.

In collaboration with your decision makers, your CMNZL project leader will methodically work through every aspect of convention planning. Outputs include a series of documents that form the blueprint for your convention or event. For example:

  • A month-by-month critical path document that details everything that has to be done and who will be doing it.

  • A provisional budget report showing all financial aspects of both income and expenditure, as well as your event’s anticipated cash flow requirements.

  • A complete set of job descriptions and how they interconnect with each other.

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