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Marketing for conferences and events

Marketing a conference or event successfully requires an in-depth knowledge of the audience and an excellent understanding of the media channels that will reach them cost-effectively. 

If you enlist our help with event marketing, we’ll engage you in our proven processes for creating and implementing an effective marketing plan. Our promotion methodology includes goal setting, defining target audiences, identification of key messages, choosing appropriate communication channels and methods for measuring marketing success. 

The foundation for all marketing will usually be a web presence, either a stand-alone website or pages hosted within our website. For hard-copy collateral we offer print management services and for exhibitions and displays, we have a trade display service. Your event promotion plan can also leverage opportunities to use channels provided by event sponsorships.


Depending on the type of event you’re planning, other marketing initiatives can include email marketing campaigns using your database and/or purchased databases, email newsletters, digital banner advertising, traditional print advertising and video. 

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