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A1: Standing Up for Yourself - Jenni Dabelstein
A2: Participatory Design to Develop and Evaluate a Monitoring Systems  - Claudien Auger
A3: From Supine to Sitting - Kim Magnus & Lynore McLean
A4: Travelling overseas with a child with a disablity - Julia Paterson - not available for publish 
A5: Applying Clinical Outcomes Measures to Mobility & Seating Assessments - Lois Brown
A6: A Biomechanical Approach to Managing Abnormal Postures of the Head & Neck - Kelly Waugh
A7: Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Wheelchairs - Rachael McDonald
A8: Connected Care - Kath Hamilton

B1: Identification of postual abnormality in young adults with cerebral palsy - Carlee Holmes
B2: Do older adults need wheelchair propulsion training? - Bonita Sawatzky
B3: Effectiveness of a School-Based Wheelchair Skills Training Programme for Youth - Genevieve Daoust & Paula Rushton
B4: Peer-led approaches for improving satisfaction with participation  William Miller & Debbie Wilson
B5: Wheelchair Prescription and Clinical Decision Making for a Client with a Functional Neurological Disorder - Monique Lamerand
B6: A successful story of innovation through partnership - Joana Santiago, Laura Fleming & Luke Holmes
B7: The Foundations of Wheelchair & Seating - Meredith Miller & Alisha Parkin

C1: Maximizing Propulsion Efficiency - Jane Fontein
C2: Moving Forward Together - Rachel Fabiniak
C3: Mobile Shower Commodes for users with spinal cord injury - Emma Friesen
C4: What Large Data is Showing about the Impact of Mobility Assistive Equipment & Services - Mark Schmeler
C5: When Disability becomes a Force of Innovation - Melanie Tran
C6: Enhancing Education of Wheelchair Service Providers - Paula Rushton
C7: What does the Wound Tell Us? - Cathy Young & Kim Vien - available soon 
C8: Body Segment Angles - Kelly Waugh


Aviator - a smart wheelchair - Professor Hung Nguyen
The intersection of pain and disability - Dr Harry Eeman

D1: Active Controls Centre Drive - Lauren Hunter
D2: Validation of a Simulator for Powered Mobility for Children - Naomi Gefen
D3: Winter wheelchair accessiblity - Ed Giesbrecht
D4: Correlation of Trunk Control and Daily Activity/Participation - Rumrada Inthachom
D5: Power Fun - Lori Rosenberg
D6: Power Assist / Add On Manual Wheelchairs - Amy Bjornson
D7: Don't Let Back Supports Take the "Back Seat" - Jane Fontein
D8: The use of lying supports with people over the age of 65 - Rachel Brown
D9: Customised alternative positioning for 24hr Postural Management - Faith Savage

E1: Paediatric powered mobility interventions across a range of abilities - Lori Rosenberg & Naomi Gefen
E2: Do current wheelchair provision systems stifle innovation - Emma Friesen
E3: Customised sporting equipment & seating - Steven Wilson, Keren Faulkner & Matthew Crawford
E4: What's going on under there? - Megan Ransley & Erin Davis
E5: Body, Seating & Frame Measurements from Assesment to Delivery - Kelly Waugh & Lois Brown

F1: Evaluating & implementing a web-based follow-up service for wheelchair users - Claudine Auger
F2: Bridging the gap in wheelchair skills testing and training in a Canadian paediatric rehab context - Genevieve Daoust & Paula Ruston
F3: Collaboration towards improving the client journey - Sandra Malkin, Colleen O'Brien-Malone & Jane Sander
F4: What is remote? - Andrew Congdon
F5: Innovation to Participate - Kim Magnus & Lynore McLean
F6: Move it, Move it, Move it - Amy Bjornson

G1: Tipping the balance - Angela Rowe, Bill Contoyannis & Jesūs Campo Uribe
G2: A Sustainable Spinal Seating Professional Development Program - Charisse Turnbull
G3: Unlocking Potential - Lisa Kenyon


H1: Exprience of dynamic splinting as an adjunct to equipment for postitioning and function - Helen Thorne
H2: Literature Review - Samantha Walsh
H3: Measuring total shear forces tto quantify the wheelchair setup - Wim Hartog
H4: Ready to Roll - Ed Giesbrecht & Paula Rushton
H5: Identification, prevention & measurement of postural asymmetry - Not available for publish
H6: Looking beyond RCTs - Lisa Kenyon & William Miller
H7: Mass Custtomisation 3D Printing for Complex Rehab - Richard Pasillas
H8: Panel discussion on 3-D printing - Gianni Renda, Blair Kuys & Hana Phillips - Not available
H9: Adding Shape & Dyamic Mobilty to Enhance Stability! - Shelia Buck 
H10: Shock & vibration - Nick Reginato

I1: Consumer defined outcomes - Natasha Layton & Carl Thompson
I2: Peer mentored wheelchair skills training - Wendy Hartley, Glenn McDonald & Beth Knight  
I3: GAME ON! - Kendra Betz
I4: The Impact of MWC Propulsion - Rachel Fabiniak

J1: Stop the Migration - Shelia Buck
J2: Postural care in aged care - Bas Jansen
J3: Paediatric Powered Mobility Outcome Measures - Naomi Gefem, Lori Rosenberg & Lisa Kenyon
J4: It's a Big World Out There - Debbie Wilson & Lauren Flaherty - Not available for publish 

A Matter of Care - Professor John Pollaers
A Relationally Responsive Rehabilitation - Dr James Arkwright

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