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Online conference registration and event ticket sales

Whether you’re planning a fun run, annual conference or world congress, hitting the participation target for your event means making it easy for people to register or buy tickets online.

To streamline the conference registration or event ticket sale process, CMNZ uses a world-class online registration and ticket selling platform. This secure, cloud-based system can support online registrations for conferences and online ticket sales for events, festivals and special occasion fundraisers.

For events that require ticket or registration payment, our system uses a secure DPS credit card facility.


Attendees receive a confirmation email and an invoice for their records. If required, the system can also email a unique ticket that can be printed by the attendee and scanned on the day.

Our system also supports the collection of optional information, such as demographics, dietary or accommodation requirements, and acknowledgement of terms and conditions. 

At any time you can visit your event’s registration/sales site to see how conference registrations or event ticket sales are going.  And when the big day comes around, the system can be taken on site to handle replacement tickets, name badges and last minute ticket sales or registrations.

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