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Securing and satisfying sponsors

We can help you to maximise the benefits from every sponsorship relationship connected to your conference or event. 

From financial contributions and product giveaways to guest speakers and PR opportunities, sponsorships can contribute incredible value to the success of your event. And when you do it right, sponsors will be happy to repeat the exercise next time you need their support.

Our assistance can ensure you know how to draft up sponsorship packages, engage with potential sponsors, draw up sponsorship contracts and refresh existing sponsorship arrangements. If your team is time-poor and getting sponsors for an event is proving problematical, we can compile a ‘wish list’ of possible sponsors and approach them on your behalf. 

Wondering how to find sponsors for a conference? These questions will help:

  • Are they a good fit for your conference or event brand?

  • Do you have significant audience crossover?

  • Can you add value for them with your conference or event?


Total transparency that goes both ways is important for sponsorship relationships. You need to know what the sponsor is contracted to provide; they need to understand what they’ll get in return. When both parties have a clear review of the relationship, the stage is set for satisfaction all round. 

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