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Sustainability Policy

Convention Management New Zealand Ltd has been environmentally aware since the company’s inception. As a company we have adapted our processes and working environments with the aim of making our office and onsite working spaces as environmentally friendly and efficient as possible.

Our current policies are:

  • Total commitment to educating staff in the environmental philosophy of office premises and onsite environments


  • We will continue to explore areas of improvement wherever possible


  • Seeking feedback from all staff on ideas and options – these to be documented


  • Implementation of new ideas where it is appropriate


  • Continue to be innovative and a leader in the field of Conference Management as it relates to environmental sustainability and efficiency


  • We will provide and maintain a safe and friendly working environment


  • Encourage our clients to adhere to good environmental practices as recommended by us


  • Employ local people who have own accommodation


  • Where possible, employ local contractors and suppliers who also demonstrate good environmental practices

  • Have consideration for the materials and consumables that we recommend and use – we will strive to only use environmentally safe products

Convention Management New Zealand Ltd plan to have a long term process to continually improve our environmental performance. We further commit to encouraging our clients, contractors and suppliers to adopt environmentally sustainable practices.

Undoubtedly this company has the inherent Kiwi 'can do' mentality and it was a pleasure to work alongside them.

Michal Kluger


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