That we have contracted CMNZ for six conferences is testimony to the positive relationship and confidence that we will have a successfully managed conference.

They bring a sense of fun and a can-do attitude which brightens the task of putting on a conference. They take the daily tasks and stresses away from me allowing me to concentrate on the delegates and speakers. In the previous 14 years, with other conference organisers I found that I was expected to be making decisions about conference problems and fighting those fires that can flare up from time to time. With CMNZ I was not burdened at all with such expectations. They simply sorted it out.

Ian MacEwan

Executive Director

Convention Management New Zealand is currently the only 'Certified Event Company' (CEC) operating in New Zealand. This certification is issued by the Australasian Professional Conference Organisers Association.


Picture This - The clock is ticking down – the audio visual team have tested all the equipment and are ready to go, the venue team have the room set exactly as you specified and delegates are coming in and being seated.

You glance over to the stage area and see the opening speaker seated in front and ready to go. The MC has been briefed and is to the side of the stage. The clock is ticking down. The room looks great, all the sponsor banners are up and where they should be, the sponsor and conference logo’s are looping on the main screen and a buzz from the delegates is permeating throughout the room. The clock is ticking down.

You leave the room and go to the registration area, delegates are being registered quickly and efficiently and being directed to the plenary room. You glance over to the exhibition area and see that all is set-up and the exhibitors are mixing and mingling with the delegates as they wait to be registered. You go back into the plenary room and glance at the clock – 5 minutes to go. The Conference Organiser enters the room and nods to the MC - the audiovisual team is set and the PCO proceeds to shut the main doors, delegates take their seats.

The room goes dark and your Conference is underway – all those months of planning are now happening exactly as it should and on time. Your conference logo and themes are shooting across and around the screen, set to uplifting music – suddenly it all stops and the MC is standing at the podium under a single beam of light, welcoming delegates to the conference. The delegates clap and at that point, the decision, you made all those months ago to appoint Convention Management New Zealand Ltd as your conference organiser is confirmed as the right choice – You think to yourself “Relax You’re in Safe Hands” has rung true.

The clock continues to tick, you sit back and relax secure in the knowledge that your conference is going to be a great one.


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